Embrace Active Scar Defense Can Prevent Nasty Scars

I used to want to be just like my big brother growing up. Man, was I a tomboy. I was  the captain of the Blue soccer team in elementary school, was constantly racing with my peers,  and there wasn’t a gate or tree I wouldn’t climb. With that tomboy behavior, came lots of cuts and bruises on my legs. My mom would even make me carry bandaids and rubbing alcohol in my Jem bookbag.  After coming home for the 20th time with bandaids on my legs from a bruise or cut, my mom would  tell me “you’re going to regret this when you get older.” I would just laugh at her. As a kid, I didn’t care about the cuts at all. In fact, I thought they were kind of cool.  Sadly, now as a thirty-something year old woman who does TV and makes many public appearances, the raised brown scars on my legs are the bane of my existence. Because I’m a brown girl, my scars are even more noticeable.  Recently when I went to Chicago, I realized I had left my leg makeup at home in NYC. My heart went into panic mode, and I ran around the city (right before a tv segment mind you, talk about stressful!! ) looking for body makeup that would cover these scars on my legs. I wish embrace® Active Scar Defense had been around for me as a kid because it would have prevented these scars and so much of this stress.  

Embrace® Active Scar Defense is the only FDA-cleared product proven to help prevent raised, and dark scars before they start to form. It’s super easy to use—it’s a silicone dressing that you put over your scar every 10 days.  After you apply, it gently contracts to hold both sides of your cut together, so it relieves skin tension. And relieving tension immediately after an incision is closed is the only way to prevent those gross raised scars from forming. Treating scars early (within 6 months of an injury) with embrace® is important for preventing those dark, raised scars! So now I keep this in my first aid kit, and when my 7 year old recently came home with a nasty cut on his neck (wrestling) I used it on him and you can barely see it anymore.  This is in my medicine cabinet and I highly recommend it. You can use on anyone, including yourself! Maybe you’re getting elective surgery or had a c section and want to prevent that big, thick raised scar from forming, or maybe you’re a mom with an accident prone toddler/child– anyone can use it to prevent scars. We may think the cuts we get now aren’t a big deal, but thirty years later, when I stare at my legs and those brown raised scars stare back at me, or when I have to adjust my whole day around because I forgot to bring my body makeup, I think about what my mom would always tell me “You’re going to regret this when you get older,” and sadly she was right. So prevent those ugly scars and stressful situations by using embrace®–you won’t regret it! Use my code Milly for 10% off on www.embracescartherapy.com
Here’s a pic of a kid who had a large cut on his forehead and look how his cut looks six months later:


“Special thanks to Embrace Scar Therapy for sponsoring this post.”
Pics provided by Embrace Scar Therapy (except the pics of my brother and I ).

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