So about two months ago, I met Madonna. Yasss! Thee Madonna! Get Into The Groove For You Got To Prove, Madonna, La Isla Bonita, Madonna. She was introducing her skincare line MDNA Skin to the states. The line is already sold in Japan and is very popular. Prior to meeting her, I had a facial with her longtime esthetician Tarin Skillets using the MDNA Skin Rejuvenator Set Chrome Mask $220. Just an fyi, you must get the MDNA Skin Rejuvenator Tool $180 to remove the mask. The Chrome Clay Mask contains clay from Tuscany that is double coated to capture the impurities of the skin as well as a magnetic coating to easily remove it using the Skin Rejuvenator Tool. The mask has nourishing ingredients like artichoke extract, white willow bark extract, alpha glucan and vitamin C. . Tarin applied the black thick mask and assured me that once she was done, my skin would look on another level. We chatted while it was drying, and I found out that Tarin’s mom had actually been Madonna’s esthetician for many years before but when she retired, Tarin took over.

When the 10 minutes were up, Tarin used the metal rejuvenator tool to magnetically remove the mask. As the mask began latching on to the tool, I noticed that my skin looked so dewy and plump. It was pretty impressive. My skin was glowing! I posted a pic on my instastories, but I forgot to save it. However, I plan to do a youtube soon using it.

Now let’s go back to when I met Madonna! I was invited to the editor preview before she was set to launch the mask at Barneys. When she arrived to the event, my heart was pounding. She gave a whole speech about the line, but also about success, and prosperity. One thing she said that really stuck with me. “To glow from within is ultimately an entirely connected to being a decent human being and treating other human beings with respect. That is going to ensure lasting beauty” Very true. I got to chat with her for a minute while taking our picture and I was shocked at how interested she was in who I was.

When she saw me, the first question she asked was, “Where are you from?” I responded, “I’m Dominican.” She said, “I knew it.” I then shared a moment with her about my older sister who was obsessed with her when we were kids and would play her songs incessantly. She was smiling and laughing about it. (I’m sure she hears that all the time!) We spoke for a few more minutes and then I left. I’ve been testing MDNA skincare for the last few weeks. I’ll have a full analysis of the line in the coming weeks. For more info on MDNA Skin, check out their website here