By Niria Portella

I’ve slowly been losing my hair since my 20s (I’m currently 42!) and came to the point where I’d hate to wash or comb it, only to find globs of my strands on the floor. I would tear up after seeing that. I’d blame it on stress, but feared it might be more. I’ve tried every product out there for hair loss, but never saw results. I even turned to my beauty editor friends who would give me all of the latest products, treatments and vitamins they came across to try to help a sister out. Again, nothing worked. I came to the realization, and sadly acceptance, that I’d have to save my dollars to get a hair transplant one day. I was honestly depressed about it, but thought that was the only choice after years of trying it all.

Then last year, Milly told me about Harklinikken, a new hair loss treatment that she had just heard of at a press event. “It seems so promising,” she said. “You should try it.” I’ll be honest, I was like whatever. You’re talking to someone who had tried absolutely everything for twenty years to make this hair grow and nothing worked. Nada! Zilch! But I decided to go and see what was up. I met with Lars Skjoth, founder of the brand and scientist. He gave me a consultation where he examined my scalp, and I learned I had a few issues causing my situation: scarring Alopecia, when hair follicles are destroyed and replaced with scar tissue, Seborrheic Dermatitis, or irritated, red scalp, and small amounts of actual hair, with many of my follicles only having one hair in each.

Lars explained how his all natural extract treatment is customized for each person. He showed me pics of clients he’s helped with amazing results. Still, I was skeptical as hell. Then he told me my case is savable and I’d see up to 40% improvement. I started treatment right away. Lars customized a solution for me and I tried it at home. I would apply a few ounces of the extract onto my scalp with a syringe, twice daily every morning; the extract had a very botanical smell, almost like fresh wet grass, then I would wash my hair each evening to keep the follicles clean for the best extract penetration. It was completely painless. It was a commitment, but for my own self esteem, I needed this to work!

Honestly, for a few months I saw nothing and I was about to just throw in the towel, but I kept at it. After four months, I started seeing results: my bald spots were gone and now I had a few inches of hair growth. OMG!! But now after 10 months, my hair has grown beyond my expectations. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am. For the first time in years, I can wear a middle part without feeling like everyone is staring at my bald spot. My boyfriend and bestie (who is also a beauty director at a major magazine) noticed what a difference it made and now both have become clients.

For any skeptics out there, this treatment works—because it’s customized for your condition,
and not for the masses, like over-the- counter products are. You can go to the Harklinniken site to take a questionnaire and schedule a consultation with the team. There’s no age cap. They’ve helped individuals in their 80s. What I like most about Harklinikken, is that they’re honest and won’t take on clients for whom they can’t guarantee results. Extracts are $78 a bottle, which lasts a month, and they offer a free online assessment. For more info, visit harklinikken.com.

Also, New Yorkers, Harklinikken has opened their first clinic in NYC at The Institute of Skinovation on 66 East 55th Street. To make an appointment at The Institute: call the Institute at 212-249-8172 or email info@harklinikken.com

Niria Portella is the former Fashion Director of Cosmopolitan For Latinas. She enjoys traveling, styling her celeb clients, hanging out with her boyfriend, and eating out with Milly. Follow Niria here.